My Africa

I bleed the shades of my Africa.

All the colors in the spectrum.

We are more than just worldly.

We are a heavenly conundrum.

Painted by the brush of hope

On the canvas of our Creator.

We are inexplicably beautiful.

Made with the breath of our Maker.

So unjustly we are treated

By the strangers and the prejudice.

Yet, undoubtedly they know

That we bear all that is precious.

We are vast and abundant

We are more plentiful than thee.

Without us, there is nothing

And yet, they forget this so easily.

Open your gaze, brothers and sisters.

Seal your ears to the lies

That our land is forever tarnished

And war will be our demise.

Don’t let them tell us that we are sick

And will be forever needy.

Stand up and show your strength.

Tell them it is they who are greedy!

The past has already taken so much

And now it is time to end the flood.

We are the next generation

And truth is in our blood.

We will march with the sword of intelligence.

We will ride in the procession of morality.

The road before us is long and winding

Even so, we shall never us brutality.

Be steadfast through the battlefield

As we face the Machiavellians

We will fade into the colors of the Earth

In the vein of our Chameleons.

We will smear excellence onto our faces

As we cast our unexpected spell.

Because on that memorable day

We shall close the gates of Hell.

We will stand on the mountain of victory

And reach out to the glorious sun.

We shall all beautifully cry:

“My Africa, My Africa! Surely we have won.”

                         – AfroMinded


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