So It’s A New Year. . .

Tonight is the first night of 2015. I’m sitting in front of my computer thinking that I’m going to write a post about how the holidays were in Dakar, show some pictures, etc. However, my mind keeps telling to write about something else. Something that may be a little “different” to begin 2015.

I don’t like “New Year’s Resolutions.” I never make them because to me, they seem kind of pointless. Now, don’t get me wrong. Having goals in your life and working to achieve them is an absolute must if you want to succeed. But making goals just to jump on the bandwagon (only to forget completely about them two weeks afterwards) doesn’t make any sense to me.

So here is my concept for 2015: get the right attitude! This is essentially the only idea that I need, not only for the New Year, but for the rest of my life. The way you perceive yourself and your life affects the way you live your life. It’s all a mind game. You can change yourself for the better simply by changing how you think. Stop saying “I’m not good enough” or “there’s no way I can achieve this” or “I’m not meant to have that much success.” Believe in yourself! Wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and tell yourself “hey, I am an awesome human being, loved by God, and I am meant for greatness.” You will see yourself change in ways that you can’t even imagine. You’ll start to have more willpower to better yourself, to go to the gym, to eat healthier, to be a better you!

I was reading an article one day and the author wrote a phrase that is so simple and yet it hit me so deep that I haven’t forgotten it since. He wrote “You need to be very patient and realize that this is not going to happen overnight.” I literally had to pause for a few minutes and re-read the phrase a few times because I couldn’t believe how simple it is. However, we forget so easily that it takes time and that’s why we sometimes fail at our goals. Like I always say, “Anything worth working for is worth having and anything that’s hard to get is worth keeping.” You’re not just going to wake up tomorrow and discover a new-and-improved version of yourself. This will take time and it will be hard. Don’t be afraid of success and happiness and never give up on yourself. The grass is only greener where you water it. If you don’t believe in yourself then . . . who will?

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