Images of emotions frozen in time. Whether you are taking a picture of your family, or of a piece of paper on a sidewalk, there is an emotion linked to that image.

I’ve loved taking pictures since I was little but I only recently started to get into photograpy. One day, I opened my computer files and realised that I have a bunch of random, crazy pictures just staring at me. So I decided to share my pics with you all! I mean, what’s the use of having a platform if you don’t use it, right?

So here is the idea: Pic Week! Every month, I will post a picture everyday for one week (7 days). These pictures are going to be completely random (so everyday is a surprise!).

Feedback/constructive critic is welcome <(^_^)>


First PicWeek Post:

PicWeek: Day 1

PicWeek: Day 1 – This was taken by the Corniche. It is also the cover image for my short movie “Ouf!”

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